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Austin, TX Fusion Wedding by Bhuvana Dhinesh Photography


Dallas, TX Indian Wedding by Vellora Productions


We love and respect the importance of cultural traditions. Yet we pride ourselves on our ability to modernize certain celebratory aspects, to the bride and groom’s generational tastes. It is in creating this fusion, of keeping all needs more than met and satisfied, that we strive for in all of our South Asian events. In 2009, Aimee and Tropical Occasions planned their first large scale South Asian wedding. And the company has been hooked on throwing these events ever since. Then in 2011, Aimee’s only brother married her sister-in-law from Kerala in a proper South Indian celebration. So now, throwing top notch South Asian events is a matter of family pride. Over the years, we’ve celebrated Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and Jain weddings. We are well versed in the religious and cultural specificities, the reasoning behind the various traditions, the appropriate attire during the celebrations, all of which allows us to source the best local and international vendors to service your event. Tropical Occasions founder and design director, Aimee Monihan, is the only bi-lingual/Spanish speaking, certified wedding planner with a strong knowledge of South Asian culture in Latin America's tropical regions.

Tropical Occasions

Guanacaste, Costa Rica Fusion Indian Wedding by Sylvia Guardia

After the ceremony, family and guests were treated to a celebration hosted by DJ Estif which encompassed the mood to pair with the dimly light room full of candles, white washed exposed wood tables, tropical leaves, lots of candles and Moroccan style lanterns in gold and white. What a dream to have Tropical Occasions execute your dream wedding! The...


Guanacaste, Costa Rica Fusion Indian Wedding by Sylvia Guardia

We are excited to witness the love of Jesse and Adam captured by Sylvia Guardia at the Reserva Conchal beach wedding! The modern-tropical style of the venue was accented by the palette that was especially picked by the experts at Tropical Occasions using the colors that naturally irradiate from the tropical gardens, the beach and the ocean. This bl...



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